Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009


From now on, My life is only for myself
I don't care about what people say
I don't care what they do
I don't care if they saw me as if I'm a weird

I will stand up in my toes by myself
I need another help if they really want to do it, not because of any force
I don't need anybody to be proud of me
I really proud to be myself and I don't care if anybody don't have the same feelings like what i felt

I don't care if anybody smarter than me
I don't care if anybody mature than me
I don't care if anybody can speak English well than me
I don't care if anybody stylish than me
I have my own life and I don't care about you!

Remember this!
You will regret for all that ever you said to me
Realized or not, what ever you said about me longtime ago it looks like you now!
Go to the mirror and feel it!

You think you are mature than me?
It's bul%$#@! when you just doing nothing with those wise words
You said you are smarter than me?
Don't forget that I'm older than you silly!My experience is more than you
If you think that you had a big quality than me, I don't care
Go ahead and don't look at me anymore

Now we just separated
We have a different way to do
This is not a feud, or maybe it's a feud?
I can't take it anymore

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