Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Teel him this is what i want

tell him this is what i want
i really am in love with this man,
i don't even know does he love me back or not
these are what i'm gonna tell him everyday and everynight,
dear God can you record it and repeat on his dreams? ;

i wish you could be my signal fire,
teach me how to waltz and show me how to laugh
i wish you could be my muse,
amaze me with your beauty brain and behaviour.
i wish you could tell me that you love me more than i did.

i wish my decision is right,
leaving you for awhile to make you miss me bad
or somehow you just vanish from my heart
whatever it would be,i wish you will hear what i want you to hear

i wish we could meet later,
i wish you will be a greater lover
i wish you will understand how to make sure your own feeling faster,
i wish you will learn how to love me better,
i wish you will get the idea that loving me is not a disaster,

i wish you will be back
i wish you will remember me, remember us
i wish you could take care of myself
i wish there ain't no other woman
i wish you will spend your life with me

i wish you won't cut your hair, let it grow longer
i wish you will always love blue, because it fits so cute on you
i wish you will never change the way you smile, it feels so sweet on me
i wish you will stay as familiar as you can

i wish we could sit together every saturday night
i wish i could talk to you about everything that i've been through
i wish you will listen to me and touch me everytime i babbling around
i wish you can take control of me and yourself.

i wish you will realize that i'm not a second choice.
i wish you will catch me and leave the other girl.
i wish you will get to know that no one hold you better than me.
i wish you will call.

i wish you will share your times to watch soccer with me-- i can be your mate
i wish you will never touch cigarettes and beer -- you know i can stop
i wish you wanna listen to coldplay,azure ray,tortured soul and the whitest boy alive -- i will take you with me if they make a concert here
i wish you study well for your future -- i know how much you want that prestigious college
i wish you will have a better life

i wish you could see my new kitty -- you'll love ciro as much as i did
i wish we could watch wolverine together -- i wanna show you my favorite gambit
i wish you could take me to a yard and tell me that it's ok to want a picnic getaway
i wish you will tell me when you have to go somewhere -- i only feel fear when you aren't near

i wish we could play the games together -- i know i can beat you dude
i wish we could make a funny expression when we had a webcam conversation
i wish you could treat me well,and i will too,as a bestfriend but more love involve
i wish we could go to the party everyday,and i'll introduce you to my pals as my best partner

i wish our story as perfect as a fairytale.
i wish you weren't you.
i wish 'we' could be true.

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