Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Face Pots by GOOD

Who says gardening is not fun? Many things can increase our love of gardening, keep the environment is not only beautiful but also can mnegeluarkan our creative side so as not to get bored in gardening. One example is this Face Pots. Issued very creative ideas from the agency who designed the Kazakhtsan GOOD Pots Face it for gardening activities into the spirit. With the cut pieces to face with a unique expression as well as plants that are blooming to increase our attractiveness in gardening.


We do not claim this is a novelty idea (there are advertising campaigns based on the effect of combining plant and a human face), but We wanted to implement this technique in the form of a specific object. The Trick Is That We liked That flower pots and a person's face have a similar shape, the which contributes to visual Their association, the effect is complete and pretty funny '- says GOOD! on Their Website. Pengerjaanya very easy to quite flowerpots, portrait photos, scissors, and glue. Then combined according to the creativity of each individual. Cute right?

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