Jumat, 28 Desember 2012


Yes, someday. i'll be somewhere far away from here.Take a moment and thinking what im doing for the next few years of my life. Honestly, i dont know what im doing. Im eat regularly, im sleeping, im watching a movie, i laugh, i dream, but there a black hole in my heart. Maybe im bored or i miss someone. 
Too much ask in my head. i cant barely living, you know. Im just hopeless and i want someone to rescue me.
Take me nowhere, and just walking. I wanna disappear from here. Yeaaahhh.. Im exhausted. I wanna scream but i dont wanna wake up somebody. I want go whenever i go and try to let it go my past. Too hurt i think. Nobody, yes nobody understand me. Even my boyfriend. I just want crying out loud until i fall asleep

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