Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Hello,Summer !

1. Day drinking can be frickin' awesome, but it can also kick your ass. Because of the sun and the hot temps, you'll likely be more dehydrated, making you way more tipsy than usual.

2.Yes, you need sunscreen. You shouldn't even ask.

3.A little bug spray will go a long way. Yeah, it sucks — but mosquitoes gorging themselves on your sweetness sucks even more. 

4.Do not apply self-tanner or an instant bronzer if you're going to put on a white dress shortly after. Your dress will stain and the orangey smudges won't come out. Ever.

5. You are not a vampire and do not need to wear your sunglasses inside. Everyone hates you when you do.

6.Summer is short and it will be over before you know it. So enjoy it while you can!

7. When a random friend mentions that you’d be welcome at her family vacation house in Spain/the Virgin Islands/Italy, don’t just daydream about going. Book a flight.

 8.Challenge a group of good-looking dudes to a beach volleyball game against you and your girls. Win or lose, you’ll have met a bevy of prospects.

9.Spring for the outdoor massage.

 10.Whenever you’re bored, find something free to do: cook-offs, concerts in the park, local produce-themed festivals. These goofball ideas create the most fun, memorable moments.

11.Don’t just go to a bonfire — learn how to build one.

12. Avoid that impossible end-of-summer photo-sharing task by uploading your shots after every wild weekend.

13. Don’t go on vacation with a coworker whom you only sort of like.

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