Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Levi's Curve Id

 "We Believe it's about Shape Not Size". 

Such amazing though.
I was reading Cleo Magazine today and they had an article about these new jeans called Levi Curve ID jeans which not only go by your leg length and waist size but by the shape and curve of your BUM yes your BUM :D I love love love this idea :D What is the first thing you look at when you try on a pair of jeans? you turn around and check if your bum looks good!! Levi have identified three different body types which cover 80% of women in the world wow!! They come in three different bum curves ‘light curve’, ‘demi curve’ and ‘bold curve’ .

Yeah, i love that idea.Siapa yang nggak suka jeans? Dan kita tau tiap perempuan itu punya bentuk yang berbeda beda dan itu bukan dipengaruhi oleh ukuran. Kadang kita sulit menemukan jeans yang memeluk tubuh dengan sempurna. Kadang longgar bagian belakang atau melebar bagian bawah. Well, sekarang Levi's sebagai pelopor jeans di dunia mengeti kebutuhan tersebut. We Love you, Levi's Curve Id !

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