Senin, 26 November 2012

Miranda Kerr ; A True Beauty

Well, I cant get enough of her Watching her picture over and over again. Honestly, She's my favourite angel in Victoria Secret. When she come out, Im gasp little bit and seeing this cute face. Bener bener deh Miranda Kerr ini bisa dikatakan model yang paling cakep dan potogenic mukanya. Dan dia menikah dengan Orlando Bloom ( im so jealous Actually). Dan mempunyai anak yang cakepnya gila gilaan, Flynn Bloom. Bayangkan deh Cakepnya Miranda Kerr dan Gantengnya Orlanod Bloom yang bikin anak mereka tiada duanya. Apalagi Flynn Bloom termasuk anak yang murah senyum. Just like his parents.

 Look at this picture when she's pregnant. Lovely, isn't it?

Semua pasti iri dengan dia. kenapa? Karena sudah menikahi Orlando Bloom yang bisa dikatakan Hot Guy in The World. Dan saat habis melahirkan pun, dia menjaga bentuk badannya dan kembali menjadi model di Victoria Secret dan tidak menunggu waktu lama. She's body is so gorgeous. Model asal Australia ini membuktikan bahwa dia ada model yang professional, istri yang baik, dan ibu yang penyayang bagi Flynn Bloom. There you go, Miranda!

Heart Broken


"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life. You give them a piece of you. They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should be just friends’ turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."

Minggu, 25 November 2012

Creative Product Packaging

Iseng iseng buka buka nemuin packaging product yang lucu lucu abis. Jarang emang di Indonesia yang sistem pengemasan produk nya yang kreatif. Nah, ini ada beberapa foto produk yang menurut saya emang cool... :)

1. Milk Cartoon
2. Anti Thief Lunch Bag

3. Japanese Pastry
4. Scanwood Kitchen

5. Medicom Pharma

6. Energy Drink
7. Expired Date Milk Cartoon
8. Anti Smoking Pack

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2

Breaking dawn sudah keluar. Dan karena excited nya film itu jadi punya rencana nonton bareng teman kantor. Dan tebak saja..karena kostan aku paling dekat dengan Ciwalk maka akulah yang harus mengantri. Datang jam 10 pagi di Ciwalk dan bioskop masih ditutp saja. "Ahhhh,, masih pagi. Gak ada orang yang ngantri". Jeeennngg... Jeeennng. ternyata salah. Setelah diliat di kaca bioskop yang gelap, ternyata udah banyak yang ngantri. Eporia nya gede banget emang film Breaking Dawn ini. jam setengah sebelas bioskopnya buka, dan antrian di Ciwalk XXI udah mengular aja dan desak desakkan. Total studio yang buka untuk Breaking Dawn itu 7 Studio. Bayangkan sebanyak itu, tetap ada aja yang gak kebagian. Akhirnya dengan ngantri yang cukup lama dan belum mandi pula (karena baru bangun). Akhirnya dapet 12 tiket untuk nonton. Yeaaayyy...

Untuk yang sudah baca novel breaking dawn, pasti berkata bahwa film ini kurang memuaskan. Karena ada beberapa  detail yang gak dijelasin dalam film ini. Seperti transformasi Bella yang menjadi vampir baru. Padahal banyak gejolak emosi di novelnya dengan detail dunia baru Bella. kalo di Film cuma dijelaskan beberapa kehidupan barunya dan kurang greget. Tapi Kristen Stewar sudah menunjukkan beberapa ekspresi yang di film sebelumnya terlihat datar datar saja. Yeaaayyyy.

Contoh yang lain adalah perubahan renesmee yang cepat. Yang hanya dijelaskan satu dua kali di film ini. Seperti kehidupan rumah tangga Bella dan Edward yang kurang dirasa. Karena di novel kehidupan mereka sebagai pasangan baru vampir yang ditunggu tunggu. Film ini seperti kejar kejaran dari satu secen ke scene yang lain. Seperti berusaha mengakhiri cerita. Tapi plusnya film ini banyak wajah wajah baru yang Hot banget. dan efek film yang cerdas. Tunggu sampe bagian hampir akhir filmnya, kamu akan terkejut. Recomended! :)

Jatuh Lagi..

Taukah kau, sudah berapa banyak tangis yang aku buang hanya untukmu? 
atau itupun sudah biasa untukmu?
melihatmu menangis karenamu adalah senandung lagu untukmu..
taukah kau, aku menjahit sendiri patah hatiku.
berkali kali terkoyak dan berdarah oleh sikapmu.
tapi aku tak bergeming. aku mencoba menahan.
dan kau tak pernah sadar pengorbanan sebesar itu.
kau yang bagiku segalanya, tapi bagimu aku hanya tiada.
untuk  apa kau pertahankan? atau aku hanya mainan untukmu?

Kamis, 08 November 2012

A Guy You Should Date

Date a guy who doesn't read. You'll find him in a bar, already on his third or fourth smoky glass of amber, staring at you through glassy eyes that say he was hoping someone like you would come along and that you're up for fun tonight. He's cute so you let him buy you a drink, maybe a shot or two, and let him tell you about his job, how much money he makes, and how attracted he is to you. You tell him a little about yourself, and take his nods and smiles to mean he's soaking it all in, understands you just enough to feel a connection. Feel yourself falling for him because he's not bad-looking, because he has a job and seems self-sufficient, and tells you how great it is that you read a book a week, if not more. Make out with him at the bar a little, not a lot, because you want him to call you for a real date and fear he won't respect you if things go further. You head towards the subway as he grabs a cab, without asking you to let him know you got home safe.

He doesn't call you but instead sends a text message. Respond to the text and agree to meet for dinner. At dinner he'll wear something smart and sensible with a nice cologne. He'll talk more about his job, and forget most of what you told him the night you met. You kiss him goodnight, though he masks the clear disappointment that this is all he's going to get. The next time you hear from him is a week later via a text message sent at 1:37 am, asking if you're busy. It wakes you up and you tell him you were sleeping. He says he wants to see you, but agrees to do it formally next weekend.
On the third date he still can't remember what you do, but you chalk that up to him being a guy. They're not very good listeners anyway, but there's something different about this one, you tell yourself, even though nothing leaps to mind. You start seeing each other once a week, sometimes two. You meet his friends at a bar. He introduces you, but then turns his attention back to shots and the ballgame while you nurse a beer. He's a guy, you tell yourself, and you're glad he has friends, his own life. He meets your friends, has a quick drink and steam-like conversation, then tells you he has to leave because he has work the next day and needs to rest up. When he leaves, your friends tell you he's nice but it seems clear they can't think of much else to say but they're glad you seem happy.
You date for a long time, and begin to grow weary of being introduced as his friend. At one point he asks you how your job is going, but forgets that you told him a few weeks ago that you quit to go to grad school. You wonder if he's going to pop the question, because you've been a bridesmaid in too many weddings and your friends seem so happy and you hope eventually you might feel that way too with him. One night he proposes to you at a restaurant, even though you'd told him long ago that you never wanted to get engaged in public. He has a big grin and a gorgeous ring and when you say yes he accepts the applause from fellow diners with a modest bow that conveys he's more proud of himself than of the moments to come. The wedding is beautiful. You tell yourself he'll be a good father, that he wants to be a provider.

When he gets sick, you spend every day and night with him at the hospital, as do your children. Your oldest is married, and she beams in a way that feels foreign to you. When he dies you are alone. You look at old pictures and albums, each smile on his face reminding you of that first night you met, when he smiled at you and the future seemed limitless. Your children squeeze your hand harder than you can remember him ever doing. You know you were a good mother.

Date an illiterate guy because men who read know that a relationship isn't just a catchy hook, but a series of interconnected events that add up to something larger than the words on the page or the moments in the day. Date him because he won't challenge you or make you think, and because he doesn't want that either. Date him because a guy who reads will watch the ballgame with you, while explaining the intricacies of every pitch, every shot, and help you understand the unparalleled drama that unfolds, and even if you already knew this you get joy from watching him try to make you happy. Date him because he refuses to change, to learn, and listens to the advice of others instead of going through the joys and pains of figuring out who he is for himself. Date him because you'll get a lot more sleep, as once he's home from work he considers his day over, and you'll be unencumbered by late-night conversations about topics that he didn't even know he was interested in until he saw them through your eyes, while you learn what keeps his heart beating. Date him because holding hands is old-fashioned, and restaurant tables are usually too close together anyway for him to pull out your chair.

Date him because guys who read know that the biggest joys in life are sharing with others, while he believes communication begins and ends with a delineation of your duties. Don't date a guy who reads, because men who read know that chivalry doesn't have an expiration date, and know that what you have isn't nearly as important as who you have. Don't date a guy who reads because they are never satisfied with the status quo, will only look to learn more, and to teach you things that make your heart soar. Don't date a guy who reads because then you won't have to worry about him asking questions, and you can feel fulfilled with your own life, separate from his, rather than knowing that love between two people is greater than the sum of its parts, that a great story is so much more than the words on the page. 

Very toughful by Jason Pinter.. :)

Selasa, 06 November 2012

Impian : Travelling Ke Eropa

Ini impian sudah lama sebenarnya. Saya memang sudah lama ingin pergi keliling dunia sekali seumur hidup. Niat itu selalu saja pupus karena masalah duit nggak ada, waktu yang gak punya (karena memang sudah bekerja), dan memang belum ada keberanian yang menggunung.

Cuma saya tergugah lagi setelah baca novel Life Traveler- Widya Ariestanty yang menceritakan dirinya berkeliling ke Indo china dan eropa sekaligus. Memang harus modal nekat sebenarnya. karena disitu letak cerita seru dan perasaan petualangnya. Saya suka membaca novel orang orang yang travelling. Menarik saja melihat orang orang sudah bisa mewujudkan mimpi dan melihat duni luar bukan sekedar kamar, tempat nongkrong, kampus, atau tempat kerja.

Apalagi semenjak follow di twitter akun @Kartupos . Infonya menarik dan emang suka bikin bahasan yang bikin kita greget. Tempat tempat travelling dan makanan khasnya. Apalagi zaman digital sekarang sudah banyak informasi yang tersedia.Disitu mulai lagi untuk membangun mimpi travelling. Sekarang mulai menabung sedikit demi sedikit dan nggak pernah mau dibuka. Sering check air asia penawaran tiket murah. ya..impian saya ingin menginjak tanah eropa apalagi parsi. Saya sering mendengar Paris itu jorok atau orangnya tidak ramah. Saya tidak peduli dan tidak percaya kalo belum merasakannya sendiri. Kamu juga bisa... :)

Tabungan sudah dibuta dan niat sedang dipupuk. Semoga taun depan atau 2 tahun lagi bisa.. :)

Sabtu, 03 November 2012


Minggu kemaren, tepat hari sabtu nya ada acara di Unsiba (Universitas Islam Bandug) Fakultas Kedokteran ada cara Arrhytmic. Konser ini bintang tamu nya Naif, Gugun Blues Shelter, Tulus, dan band band pendukung lainnya.

Berhubung sudah lama tidak menonton konser (iya terakhir itu nonton Urban Jazz Jakarta taun lalu!). Jadinya kita memutuskan malam minggunya kita harus ikutan acara itu. Tiketnya Rp 35.000 saja (lumayan murah untuk anak kostan). Acaranya dimulai Jam 5 sore, cuma mutusin untuk ngenet dulu.

Akhirnya kesana jam 7 malam dan belum ada bintang tamu utamanya. Jam 9 malam barulah Gugun Blues Shelter nya keluar dan mainkan beberapa lagu. Enak didengar dan emang performa nya juara. Biarpun kurang mengerti blues tetap keren Gugun Blues Shelter ( iya aku penggemar jazz). Naaaahhhh...Pas NAIF keluar jam 10 malam disitulah letak semuanya. NAIF nya juara memainkan beberapa lagui dan itu semua request an dari penonton. Mobil Balap, Aku rela, Air dan Api, Cuek, dan banyak lagi. Dengan kapasitas konser yang sedikit penontonnya malah terasa lebih nikmat. Semua yang disajikan malam itu cukup bagus dengan tampilan bintang tamu.

Daaaannnn..minggu ini memutuskan nonton Maliq D'essential , Payung Teduh, Hivi, Hollywood Nobody, Aditya Sofyan di Acara Eyegasmic yang diadakan anak Unpad. Selagi tinggal di bandung, mari nikmati acara acara tiap minggunya selalu menarik.. :D
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