Selasa, 05 April 2011

The Things that make you happy.. :D

1. Love your parent much more. Respect them, hear what they saying, and share with them your problem. They'll always support you whenever you are.

2. More pray. Makes your life balance between physic and emotional. You can share anything with your God.

3. Spend your time with your friends. Make more memories, laughs, sharing. Friends alway beside you whenever you need them. And knows whatever that make u sad and change your problem with smiles.

4. Eat healthy food. More vegetables , less junk food. Your body need to be hearing with you. Sometime you have to choose what best for your health.

5. Go outdoor for jogging or swimming. Find  best sport for you. Because with healthy body, your mind healthy too. Makes you positive entire day.

6. Enjoy your free time. Sometimes your mind and heart need relax a little bit. Everyday you working and make special day for 'me time'. Do whatever you want to do like shopping, dvd marathon, or spa.

7. Holiday. Yes, holiday is special day for you to spend your little time with your parent, friend, boyfriend, or yourself. Use them wisely and relax your stress so you ready for life again.

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